What was just that ? – A very hot train travel from Stuttgart to Ljubljana



It’s a short story about my, at least 10 hour, trip back home. From Karlsruhe, Germany to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

When I arrived to Stuttgart I boarded Eurocity Direction, Zagreb Kolodvor, EC 113 and EC 213.

Already there was a lot of people boarding, but I managed to get a chair in the chabine, next to the window, where electricity was… yesss. It was warm and it seemed the air conditioning wasn’t working, not so cool… Thank you for choosing Deutsches Bahnhof, he said.

In Munich more people boarded, now our chabine had 5 people sitting and I even didn’t think about turning my laptop on and work… Thank you for choosing Deutsches Bahnhof, he said…

In Vienna train station, we got another big wave of young people, students from UK, Austria and Germany, where they couldn’t find any place to sit, some of those went to sit on the ground in 1st class wagon, the air conditioning was working there, as it seemed in the rest of the train but the rest of boarding people came to our wagon.

At the end we ended up with full wagon, 6 in our chabine, people were sitting on their traveling bags in the hall and it was a Sauna fest !



I must admit, they were all calm, making jokes on fact how fresh this travel is yet we were all sweating like crazy. There was a guy, wearing jeans and his t-shirt, I can’t recall if he had a drink at all, for at least next 4 hours, till Ljubljana.

A the end:

… we didn’t pay for this, I didn’t pay for this !? EU has pushed so many regulations, so much about human rights, consumer rights, from same sized cucumbers in shops to writing down all the allergens for the food we eat outside in restaurants and then, we trip over tourist railway offer… where we had kids, students and older population involved, all bunched up in a very hot wagon, at least 33 degrees or more.

…I don’t think people drank enough water at all, as well we weren’t ready for situation like this, therefore that responsibility sits on each individual. There was a restaurant till Villach where a fresh, cold water costed 2,80 eur, it did me good, yes. Yet, it was a technical situation for which we didn’t pay for that kind of traveling service. Again don’t forget some of us where in this kind of conditions for 8 hours or more. “Oh my God…!” you would think now in a sarcastic way? I know, …it’s never right, isn’t it ? My trip to Germany wasn’t like this, but a return, sorry to say, was more hectic… you see ? 🙂 I bet you have experienced this more often or worse ? Where was that.. Asia perhaps.. and even then I bet you had a window on that wagon which could be opened, at least there was some air ? Our windows were fix closed, so at the end we ended up with 2 small windows opened on each end of the wagon. I asked the working personnel on the train, if they could do something about the air conditioning because it’s too hot, but hey, nothing much happened from their side. Maybe to look for more spots in air conditioned wagons, to come out with some assistance, maybe ?

…so far, I don’t advise you to use those particular trains, just in case. The wagons came from Croatia, as they told me on Railway station in Ljubljana. I dont want to finger point to none of those railway companies, but the fact is what happened on that wagon, on 25.7. from Stuttgart at 9:58 from there on, it should never happen again. And if it does, please do something about it, we are still your passengers. Or the crisis is still so bad ?