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Poroke – Weddings

Nija in Miha     Nina in Matej   Neja in Petr  

Music Artist Portrait

This photos are copyprotected by P.K. Photography, Polona Kumelj A special thank you goes to: Maša Gojić, BassPass Blog, Pozitivan Ritam crew, club Zoo, Bass Warz, DubDiggerz, DeepEnd, DubLab @ Channel Zero, to all… Continue reading


City Life

Wanderings and peeking around with my eye (Random captures)

With Communal service (Fotopub, July 2012)

Fotopub (festival of documentary photography), Novo Mesto, Slovenia, July 2012 In cooperation with Communal service Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Thank you a lot for driving me to point A to point B, C, D,… Continue reading

Frrrrr time !

A special way to express who is a first grader on first day of school. 3.9.2012 first day of school and first graders who entered high schools, covered streets of  Ljubljana, like this:… Continue reading